Week 2 -DMP

To say the least, this has been a real challenge for me.  When Mark J talked about how we’ve always been taught to write out our goals, get to our “why”, develop an action plan, etc, etc,etc (and over and over we fail to meet them) it really hit home.  I now understand that the problem was never knowing my Definite Major Purpose.  This is forcing me into a place that I want and need to go….so yes, it’s hard, but it’s also exhilarating.

So this week, not really feeling emotionally connected to my first draft, I felt a need to totally overhaul my DMP.  I sat down a couple of times on Tuesday and Wed and started to write, got overwhelmed, re-listened to the webinar, read comments in the Alliances area, then put myself under pressure to get it done on Thursday (yesterday….deadline….last day).   That was my old blueprint – trying to undermine me.  I began to obsess over  getting the new revision done and it’s all I thought about on Wed night and all day Thursday.  I had 3 appointments on Thursday that I felt I couldn’t break, so I had constructed an elaborate plan to get my DMP revision written and submitted in and around my other obligations.  At this point I really felt I had figured out my PPN’s and had some good ideas on what I wanted to put into my revision….so I was excited to write it.  Lo and behold – the phone calls started to come in, people asking me to reschedule the appointments.  So my whole day opened up, I sat down and things started to flow.  Open time manifested….so it was easy to write, express and submit.  I feel it still has a long way to go, but definitely zeroing in on what I want.


2 responses to “Week 2 -DMP

  1. it’s amazing what happens when we let go 🌺

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  2. Wow, I completely understand what your saying. I’m in actually in the same boat right now actually—missing that authentic emotional component from mine so its time for a complete DMP overhaul…great post!

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