Week 12 – About Og Mandino

The very first audio book I ever listened to after I began my network marketing business was “The Science of Personal Achievement” by Napoleon Hill.  I loved the book and it was especially endearing to me because it was narrated by the author. There was just something about hearing Mr Hill’s own voice tell his story that really drew me in – the conviction, the inflections in his voice and his “old school” style of reading.

What began in this course as a requirement to read certain important literary works – exactly as prescribed – every single day (as part of a carefully planned-out progression for mental development) has now turned into a pleasure and almost an obsession for me.  We are given access to one chapter at a time from Charles Haanel’s Master Key System, which we are to read daily for a full week.   In addition, we have developed the habit of reading each Scroll in Og Mandino’s book “The Greatest Salesman in the World” 3 times/day for an entire month before moving on to the next Scroll.  Each Scroll contains a principle which is hugely impactful when we apply it in our daily lives (as Haanel writes, “knowledge does not apply itself; we as individuals must make the application”).  To supplement, we have been provided other highly relevant essays from Napoleon Hill, Ralph Waldo Emmerson & Emmet Fox to help us make connections between these writings and the daily exercises we execute toward our goal of mastering our thoughts and tapping into the unlimited power we hold within.

Before this course, I had never read anything by Charles Haanel or Og Mandino.  I felt compelled to look up Haanel and read his biography, which I found fascinating (I  highly recommend you do the same).  Then yesterday I had a conversation with my friend, Jeff (who’s also a business partner going through the Go90Grow course with me), about Og Mandino and how we’re using The Greatest Salesman book in MKMMA.  He said he’d read it before, as well as several of Og’s other books, including “The Greatest Secret in the World” (his favorite).  After sharing some great thoughts and insight, Jeff texted me the message: “Have you heard Og Mandino’s story?”.  When I said I hadn’t, he replied, “spend 12 minutes and listen to it here”:


I wanted to share it with my fellow MKMMA buddies – just in case you haven’t had the pleasure.  If you scroll down the page and click on the audio you can hear this beloved man tell his own story –  his own voice.  And below that are 3 great stories about Og told by his wife, Bette – including one entitled “The Night the Ten Scrolls Were Written”.     Enjoy!



One response to “Week 12 – About Og Mandino

  1. Thank you so much for sharing Lori. I listened to the audio clips and really enjoyed them! Have a great week.

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