Week 3: Time To Clean House

I really loved this post by Jewels and wanted to share it because I believe others will benefit from the clear, honest, enlightening way he expresses herself. This was her Week 3 post. To me….she’s developing the powerful skill of becoming the non-judgmental observer!

Jewels Masterkey Journey

Time to cleanhouse!     The MKMMA daily readings and assignments have yielded me one common denominator: “Subby” is in need of an overhaul – it is time to clean house!

I noticed that some days I am more excited and positive in my readings and others I am a bit lackluster; even cynical. Some days are drenched in belief and others are overcast with clouds of doubt. I am grateful for both the good and the bad days because each are necessary. Truth be told, I am suspect of anyone who dives into a new way of thinking/behaving and claims to only experience clear sailing.  Waves are part of learning; we all have to ride them out. Undoubtedly, our best learning comes from overcoming troubled waters.

Fortunately, the process of doing the daily assignments has kick-started the necessary cleaning. As I read, I am RECOGNIZING the thoughts and emotions that derail my…

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