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National Public Radio’s Women in Business Series – Creating Wealth from Home

An Interview with Successful Minnesota Entrepreneur and Lifestyle Coach, Lori Enrico

Minnesota Public Radio Business Reporter Annie Baxter | Posted September 1st 2019    5:45 pm

imgres-1Baxter:    Lori,  first I have to ask a personal question to verify or dismantle a rumor….you are 59 years old, correct?

Enrico:     Yes (smiling) – just entering my formative years, really. (she chuckles)

Baxter:   And you and your family have created a virtual empire in just under 5 years?  How is that possible?

Enrico:   Well – the dreams and hopes have been in place for a lot longer than that and my story of entrepreneurialism technically began in the late 1990’s.  But it’s really just been in the past 5 years that I finally unlocked the proverbial “secret” to success….at least for ME.

Baxter:    Please explain!

Enrico:   Well, after years in business and at the age of 57 I found myself in a place where I think a lot of people can relate.  My kids were grown, I wanted more out of life and the things I was doing were not bringing me the success I desired. I wanted more income, a paid off house, a better car and no more debt.  I wanted to travel more, worry less, wanted to be a better coach & mentor, a better parent, a better friend, in better shape.  And I wanted to give more to others. Sounds exhausting, right?  It was. But the ball and chain was was still on, because the bills had to be paid.

So what was the problem? I was smart, courageous, positive, tenacious, skilled, hard-working and well-trained.  I had a vehicle in my hand to make money – a brilliant business concept with a proven system, excellent training and education.  I wasn’t afraid of hard work and I had a sincere desire to serve and help others.  Yet I was falling short of my goals and projections, time and time again.  So late in 2014

I embarked on a journey of self-discovery to figure out who I really was and what I really wanted.  I don’t just mean the things I wanted….I mean figuring out my true purpose in life, my Dharma, my bliss.  And by applying age-old principles, some hard work and a system called the Master Key Mastermind Alliance, my whole life started to change.

Baxter:   Wow.  That sounds wonderful.  And a little research on that program showed me immediately that it’s not just another “self help” guru trying to sell you a dream of change, right?

Enrico:   That’s correct.  MKMMA is not a self-help program.  It’s a self-action program.  And it’s not so much about achievement…’s about letting go. Remember all the crazy things I told you I had angst and discord over?  The proverbial treadmill of mid-life where we’ve been serving others and multi-tasking like a crazy people for 20 years and still getting nowhere?  Well that comes from our internal blueprint, created through years and years of outside influences, causing us to act and react to circumstances every day in the same old comfortable way, getting the same old predictable results, settling for less and becoming complacent.  We all have an infinite power within ourselves to actually create a whole new blueprint and manifest anything we desire in our lives.  It takes work to dismantle the old “matrix” – but your life depends on it if you want more.

Baxter:   And can you tell me how this journey of yours changed the circumstances in your life, personally?

imagesEnrico:   Let me sum it up for you.  Where my mind used to race all the time,  I now have full control over my thoughts.  Fear and procrastination have been totally eliminated from my life – I have no time or tolerance for them.  I work 1/2 the hours I used to and get 3 times more done in a day, and when my work day is over I am focused and present with my family members.  I have more vigor, enthusiasm, contentment and solitude that I have in 60 years.  And I now know how to be in control and harmony with my own thoughts to create anything I desire in life.  Powerful, don’t you agree?

Baxter:   Are you kidding me?  If I hadn’t researched your story I may think you sound like someone who’s gone off the deep end with philosophy.  But here’s why we’re here today, Lori…..

Your Market America business income quadrupled in a manner of 18 months, creating a 6-figure ongoing income stream.  Then it nearly doubled again 12 months later.  That’s incredible growth.  What did that do for you and your family?

images-1Enrico:   It replaced my husband’s income as a professional chef here in the Twin Cities, allowing him to quit a dead-end job and go into business for himself with our daughter.  It also launched our new “career” as world travelers!

Baxter:   Oh yeah?  So where have you gone in the past 2 years?

Enrico:   Oregon, Hawaii and Italy in 2015.  Alaska, Australia and New Zealand in 2016.

Baxter:   I understand your business model is built upon a foundation of helping others establish their own internet franchise, follow the same system as you did and create success in their lives.  Would you say this is your mission?

images-2Enrico:   My mission is really about liberty, about freedom, about being able to leave a legacy for future generations.  Everyone loves the IDEA of freedom, right?  But what does that actually mean to people? Is it financial freedom – so we no longer have to shrink our dreams and goals based on our bank balances or whether our employer comes through with that next raise?  Is it time freedom – to do the things we’d love to do if only our schedules would allow…or spend more precious time with the people we love?  Or maybe it’s about autonomy…..being able to come and go as we please, set our own agendas and schedules, etc.  Regardless of your definition, we begin to discover even as young adults that we feel limited, trapped, a lack of control over our future.  Then begins the internal dialog….mind talk about things we can’t have, can’t do, wish we could, if only we had….and we settle into a life of mediocrity and complacency.  How sad is that??!!  We are programmed from Day 1 through the opinions of other people, our schools, society and the media to accept limitations on what we can achieve and so people proceed with caution and start to downsize their dreams.  But here is the real truth…..we have the inarguably ability to take control of our thoughts and feelings, create a whole new belief system and enlist our subconscious to help us design the life of our dreams.  We have total power to manifest whatever we desire and live with purpose.

goldfish jumping out of the waterMy business model is a perfect fit for many aspiring entrepreneurs and I have been able to create financial freedom for my family and help countless other people do the same.  Other people may choose a different path.  My husband and daughters, for instance – who now own multiple businesses in the culinary field.  But regardless, it’s all about helping people learn how to help themselves, find their definite major purpose and follow their true bliss.

Baxter:   I love your passion, Lori – it’s infectious!  You’re also a Certified Guide for the MKMMA, correct?

Enrico:   Yes!  I am so proud and honored to be given the opportunity to pay it forward like someone did for me in 2014.  To me, this is the most noble of all causes – helping people discover their true bliss and create the life they desire.  It doesn’t get any better than that!

Baxter:   So where will your travels take you next?

Enrico:   Europe! We’re going to build our business in the UK and Spain, so we’ll use those as “home base” and visit the other countries.  After that…probably on to Japan and the Central and South American countries.

Baxter:   Very nice.  It has been such a pleasure to meet you, Lori.  You are an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere – men and women alike.  I know you have lit a spark in many of our viewers tonight, hopefully causing them to reignite their dreams.

Enrico:   Thank you, Annie.  It was an honor to be here with you today.



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    Whow you got pretty far, like it a lot, when you are in Europe stop by…

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  2. Thank you! Where do you live?


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